I never taught people where to step on '2', because when I learned how to dance there was no '2'. We just danced to the music.
The statement from Frankie Manning emphasizes where swing dancing originated in the first place - not in dancing classes in a studio, but on the dancefloor of the legendary Savoy Club in New York. Following this tradition we have compiled a ground-solid and splendid party schedule which complements the dancing classes provided during the day.

The workshop parties which take place on friday evening at Dresden's "Savoy Club" and on saturday evening at "Feldschlösschen Stammhaus" allow you for heating the dancefloor at both locations using your pre-workshop and newly acquired dancing moves.



DJ Mister Swing

DJ Mister Swing aka André Buchheim grew up with the music of the golden swing era. As a great lover of the music of the 20s to 40s, he has collected a considerable collection of swing music - essentially original shellac records ("they just sound better!"). Through his profound music know-how in the field of swing and his swing dance experience, he always finds the right "tune" on swing parties and knows how to excite swing dancers with danceable music.


When: Fri, 22.03.2019, 21.00
Where: Savoy Club
Admission: free

Hop the Stammhaus


Harald Hertel's Jam Swingers

Harald Hertel's Jam Swingers present finest swing music from 1930s and 1940s. Being an eye as well as an ear catcher, their music performance allows for dancing almost all famous dances from the swing era - Lindy Hop, Balboa and Shag. This covers classic swing tunes such as "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen", "It Don't Mean A Thing ...", "Flat Foot Floogie" and „Ain't Misbehavin'". Harald Hertel's Jam Swingers is an all-star-band virtually - comprising of musicians of various best-known swing bands from Berlin.

When: Sat 23.03.2019, 20.00
Where: Feldschlösschen Stammhaus
Admission: 15€ (Party Pass)

Tea Dance


Tea Dance Tunes

Zum Abschluss des Workshops legen wir in der Workshop-Location noch einmal tanzfähige Swing-Tunes auf damit ihr die Workshop-Inhalte in gemütlicher Social-Atosmsphäre verproben und das Workshop-Wochenende tanzend ausklingen zu lassen könnt.

Wann: So 24.03.2019, 16.00
Wo: TENZA Schmiede
Eintritt: frei


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