Terms and Conditions (GTC)

General information about the workshop

At check-in we have a list of participants with all relevant data for check-in. If you want to be on the safe side, you can bring the payment confirmation (printed or as email).

At the check-in for the event you will receive a workshop ribbon. Please wear it throughout the workshop. In case of doubt, we can not give participants without ribbon access to the workshop and the parties.

Generally, we strive for a balanced ratio between leaders and followers. In case of doubt we will try to compensate for unbalanced ratio in a class by the attendance of additional teachers or volunteers. Whatsoever, due the unpredictable events such as illness and so on we can not always guarantee a perfect match between the number of leaders and followers attending a class.

During the workshop, dance partners are usually constantly changed to enhance the learning experience by dancing with different partners. In the event, that you can not cope with this practice, we ask you to clarify this before class with the dance teachers.

In case of loss of personal belongings, you can contact us. We have set up a "lost and found box" for this purpose, where we collect "abandoned" items and keep them for two weeks.

Changes to the workshop schedule

The organizer Dresden-Hepcats e.V. reserves the right to make adjustments to the workshop schedule, in case of unforeseen events such as illness, accidents, flight delays or cancellations, which may cause dance teachers, bands or DJs arrive to arrive late or not at all at the workshop.

The information provided on the internet regarding the workshop schedule, workshop fees and so forth is provided without guarantee.

Terms of payment

Registration for the workshop does not automatically lead to a reservation of a spot in the workshop. Only after examination of the availability by the organizer Dresden-Hepcats e.V. and the receipt of a registration confirmation with payment instructions via eMail a place in the workshop is reserved.

Registration for the workshop is binding and requires the payment of the workshop fees within 14 days after receiving the registration confirmation with payment instructions. Non-attendance or non-appearance to the workshop does not result in a waiver of the payment obligation.


We do not offer cancellations of confirmed registrations or refunds of paid workshop fees, regardless of the circumstances. This also applies to the cancellation and refund of partial amounts of the workshop fees.

If participation in the workshop is not possible, there is the possibility of transferring your workshop pass to a third person taking your place within the limits of the existing registration (same scope of services, same role, same level). A transfer of a workshop pass after the check-in for the event is not possible.

If a transfer of the workshop pass to a third person is not possible, the workshop registration can be converted into a voucher with a credit in the amount of the workshop fee. This voucher can be used for events of the organizer Dresden-Hepcats e.V..


Participation in the workshop is at your own risk. We assume no liability for injuries resulting from the participation in the workshop. In addition, we assume no liability for the loss of valuables at the workshop.

Photo and video recordings at the workshop

Taking photos and videos during the classes requires the explicit permission of the workshop teachers. Only the organizer Dresden-Hepcats e.V. is entitled to publish photo and video recordings from the classes.

By registering for the workshop, the participants agree to the use, publication and distribution of photo and video recordings of the workshop, which may show the respective participant.

Validity of Terms and Conditions (GTC)

By registering for the workshop, the registrant accepts the validity of the terms and conditions (GTC).

If parts or individual formulations of these terms and conditions do not, no longer or not completely correspond to current law, the remaining parts of the terms and conditions remain unaffected in their content and validity.


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