When registering for Hop die Elbe 2019 you can either sign up for the Full Pass (10h of classes including the main-Party on Saturday evening) or the Party Pass (main-Party on Saturday evening, only). For all members of the Dresden Hepcats there is a discount on the Full Pass (20 € p.P.) and Party Pass (5 € p.P.). Other reductions on workshop fees such as discounts for couples are not available.

There will be classes in the levels BEG | INT, INT and INT | ADV. For more flexibility in choosing classes at the workshop, you can choose a "level range" (BEG | INT to INT or INT to INT | ADV). Accordingly, you do not have to choose one of the three levels when signing up, but choose an area where you see yourself. By registering for the "level range" BEG | INT to INT you can attend all courses of the levels BEG | INT and INT, for instance.
Tickets and prices


Workshop Parties Regular rate Hepcats rate
Full Pass 10 classes of Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Warm Up-Party (Friday),
Main-Party (Saturday)
80 € p.P.  60 € p.P. 
Party Pass   Warm Up-Party (Friday),
Main-Party (Saturday)
15 € p.P.  10 € p.P.

Hop die Elbe - Passes

Decision made? No matter if you want to go for the Full Pass with 10 classes and all parties or whether you just want to have fun at the dancefloor at the workshop parties: Here you are, get your Hop die Elbe 2019 spot right away!


Workshop Pass Event Date Individual Price Registered Register
Full Pass Hop die Elbe 2019 Full Pass Hop die Elbe 2019 22.03.2019 21:00 80,00 33
Party Pass Hop die Elbe 2019 Party Pass Hop die Elbe 2019 23.03.2019 20:00 15,00 29


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