Hop die Elbe 2019

Hop die Elbe is a Lindy Hop workshop by the Dresden Hepcats, that we brought back to life after a 8-years break.

What makes our workshop different from others? Small classes in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere combined with a high-class teacher’s line-up at a small price. Last, but not least: the parties on Friday and Saturday evening make sure not to miss out fun in dancing!

Workshop Quick Facts

Hop die Elbe 2019 provides you the exciting opportunity to attend workshop sessions in Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz at the levels Beginner | Intermediate (BEG|INT), Intermediate (INT) und Intermediate | Advanced (INT|ADV). The workshop will be brought to you under qualified supervision. This year we were able to engage new as well as well-known faces - Lennart Westerlund (SWE) & partner, Patrick & Marie (GER) und finally the local heroes of the Dresden Hepcats!

The workshop as well as the parties will take place in well-known locations. The workshops sessions are given at the TENZA Schmiede at the heart of Dresden. The parties will take place in the party locations from previous year: Savoy Club and Feldschlösschen Stammhaus.


Classes Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz
Classes: 10 | Parties: 2


Lennart & Frida (SWE | SWE)
Patrick & Marie (GER | GER)
 Dresden Hepcats


TENZA Schmiede (Workshop)
Savoy Club (Warm-Up Party)
Feldsch. Stammhaus (Main-Party)


80€ p.P.* Full Pass (regular rate)
60€ p.P.* Full Pass (Hepcats rate)
* Discounts for Hepcats only, no discounts for couples